We know our community gets stronger when we all work together. Therefore, beyond the family child care services we provide directly, we connect with families and partners through events and publications, and we help them tap into other valuable resources outside of Drew CDC.


Services Stats

Drew CDC works hard to bring quantifiable results to our community. You can read more about our work and our plans for the future here and learn more about child development resources we have to offer here.

We provide over $28 million to help over 4,743 children receive subsidized child care.

85% of parents surveyed were “highly satisfied” with the family child care services they received at our Early Child Education Centers.

We have helped train over 5,000 child care providers in trauma-informed care, and 100% of the 168 providers surveyed said they would recommend the training to others.

Over 90% of Drew CDC’s customers reported being “very satisfied” with our services.

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Drew CDC Publications

Drew CDC Publications

Drew CDC regularly publishes reports that highlight our landmark accomplishments, describe our community impact, report on the organization’s growth, and layout our vision for the future. Click below to access these publications online.

Resources to Help Your Family Thrive

No family or organization can do it all by themselves. That’s why Drew CDC has cultivated an assorted set of child development resources, agencies, and parenting educational materials so that families can always find whatever type of support they need.

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Resources to Help Your Family Thrive

Hear From Real Families Who Count on Us for Their Child Care Needs.

“I’m grateful for all the help because without it I would have to worry about my daughter having the essentials.”

- Yasmine Aguirre

“You guys are a blessing to the community. COVID has changed everyone’s life and everything is so expensive. God Bless You!”

- Joanna Iniguez

“…[I]t helps because my kids can use a lot of diapers, thank you very much.”

- Gregoria

“Great for moms who need help or someone to be there for them.”

- Ericka Johnson

“…Even more than helping me to understand the children, [Drew CDC’s classes] also helped me to deal with myself…”

- Child Care Provider