Child Care (Subsidy)

We help families get quality child care regardless of their income.

If you are interested in getting on the waiting list to apply for a Child Care Subsidy, please click on this link:

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Child Care
About This Service
About This Service

High quality child care is the foundation for a great educational future, and we believe that every child deserves access to that care. Through Drew CDC’s Child Care service programs, we help families throughout Watts-Willowbrook, Compton and South Los Angeles pay for some or all of their child care expenses.

Each day, our case managers work with families to help them find safe, nurturing child care for all young children through age 12, and for exceptional needs and severely disabled children up to ages 18-21.

What These Services Will Do for You
  • Place young children in stimulating environments to support healthy child development
  • Maximize parents’ choice of child care options, including:
    • Licensed family child care homes, such as a trained community member’s home
    • License-exempt child care providers, such as an extended family member, after they clear a background check
    • Licensed child care centers and preschools, such as Drew CDC’s Early Childhood Education Centers
  • Create space so parents may attend school, go to work, or handle other responsibilities

Thanks to access to quality child care, thousands of children, families and caregivers have a chance at a more fulfilling future. CDSS Parent and Provider Handbook CDSS Manual para Padres y Proveedores

How to Get Started

Use the link below to get connected with various child care support options.

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Hear From Real Families Who Count on Us for Their Child Care Needs.

“I’m grateful for all the help because without it I would have to worry about my daughter having the essentials.”

- Yasmine Aguirre

“You guys are a blessing to the community. COVID has changed everyone’s life and everything is so expensive. God Bless You!”

- Joanna Iniguez

“…[I]t helps because my kids can use a lot of diapers, thank you very much.”

- Gregoria

“Great for moms who need help or someone to be there for them.”

- Ericka Johnson

“…Even more than helping me to understand the children, [Drew CDC’s classes] also helped me to deal with myself…”

- Child Care Provider
Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?